Public Storage: Easy Packing and Moving Hacks

February 12, 2016

There are hacks for just about anything, including moving and storing. So Frank from Public Storage is here to teach you how to hack your move. For more how-to videos, visit The Box Hack First, assemble the base of your cardboard box if not already done. If it's a brand new box, do not cut the tab that connects each side of the box top. This is called the Nuna Tab. These tabs are meant to keep the top flaps out of the way while you pack your items. Next, use a color code system for box labels, assigning a different color for each room of your home or office. This makes it easier to place your items at your destination. Once the boxes are labeled and your items are added, cut the Nuna Tabs. Secure the top flaps with tape or fold them in under each other. Then cut handholds on each side of the box to help with lifting. If you’re packing something that can easily be damaged, cut the handholds before loading the box’s content. The Door Trick Tired of awkwardly trying to twist door knobs while your hands are full? This simple and easy hack helps keep the door unlocked while you carry items in and out of your home. Simply twist a rubber band into a figure eight and hook the loops around the door handles. Make sure the part where the rubber band crosses itself is located over the latch of the door. This will prevent the door from latching shut while you move through the doorway. The Pack Hack During the process of packing and moving, it's easy to forget that you’ll need certain things immediately at your destination. Pack a separate bag to hold all of the items that you’ll need on the first day. This way, you don’t have to dig through packed boxes to find your toothbrush or deodorant. For more how-to videos and tips, visit

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6 Moving Hacks You Should Know
6 Moving Hacks You Should Know

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